Geotechnical Work

Geotechnical Work

The project study limits have been analyzed for background existing geotechnical concerns including: earthquakes, Tsunamis, liquefaction, landslides and seiches.

The background existing conditions for geology, soils, ground water and previous geotechnical investigations of flood protective structures have also been reviewed and described.

Future geotechnical work will involve further review and description of existing geotechnical background information and studies. This work will also continue with geotechnical engineering analysis of foundation conditions for future suggested project alternatives. Specific support work and analysis may consist of field collection and geotechnical lab testing of soil and sediment samples; settlement, liquefaction and slope stability. Geotechnical recommendations will be given for excavation dewatering, foundation preparation, flood protection remedies, foundation and flood protection materials and their sources.

Example project study Site Geology, no scale.

Example project study Liquefaction Map, no scale.

Example project study Landslide Map, no scale